Pork McElhinny Bio

Pork McElhinny


Pork was born George McElhinny but it didn't take long before the lad was called "Georgie Porgie". His older sister had trouble pronouncing Porgie and dubbed him Georgie Porky. By the age of three, 'Porky' turned to Pork...and that has stuck ever since. Around this same time, Pork picked up a guitar and began to play.... turning a toddler into a budding 'guitar man'.

George 'Pork' McElhinny is not just a great singer...he is also a great songwriter and an amazing world class guitarist. When Pork takes the stage he puts his heart and soul into every song he sings. He has the magical ability to draw the audience into the show and make every song come to life. When he leaves the stage Pork takes the love and adoration of his audience with him. Most of Pork’s shows are simply the man and his guitar. But when the voice and the music burst forth, the audience is astounded and amazed by the sheer magnitude of the one man experience.

Born and raised in Western PA, Pork realized he needed to be closer to the music business in Nashville, TN. As a man who is always true to himself and not afraid to take a risk, Pork made the move to Music City in the fall of 2006. It would have been easy for Pork to stay put in Pennsylvania and enjoy the adoration of his growing fanbase, some of which would drive a hundred miles to see him perform...but Pork knew the easy way was not always the best way.

Pork currently has four studio albums to his credit containing dozens of songs written from the heart and soul of an entertainer, who has come full circle and embraces the strengths and weaknesses within himself and others.

No grass grows under the feet of this one-man marvel. In addition to staying active in the songwriting community, Pork also travels throughout the Eastern United States performing over two hundred shows a year.